Amira Ismail, PT, MPT

My name is Amira Ismail and I am from Egypt. I graduated from the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, with a Bachelors and Master’s Degree. I have seven years of out-patient physical therapy experience. As a physical therapist, it is very essential for me to help patients overcome their physical problems and go back to their normal functional daily activities through a professional individualized therapeutic rehabilitation program. Personally, I take my patients as family members, trying to decrease their pain and disabilities, and improving their function and performance. Also, I help patients understand what are the causes of the problem, how to solve it and how to avoid a reoccurrence in the future. Fresh Pond Physical Therapy helped me in fulfilling my treatment goals by providing the patient with all the needed tools for therapy, organizing the patient’s appointments, assisting the patients through paperwork, and eventually helping the patients receive excellent quality care of physical therapy. I could see here a much cooperated team that can successfully handle 8 locations in a great way.

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