Why Fresh Pond in New York?

Vision Statement

Fresh Pond PT will be the preferred independently-operated physical therapy clinic chain in each local community in New York City that we serve. We will demonstrate leadership and develop alliances within New York City’s consumer and medical communities through innovative practice, continued education and research, quality of care, professionalism, socio-economic adaptability and financial responsibility. These criteria will be pursued continuously by our dedicated staff.

Mission Statement

The Fresh Pond PT family is committed to our patients and their well being. We measure our success in the way we help patients recover and return to the lifestyles that they enjoy. Fresh Pond PT prides itself on being a community based organization whose clinics provide exemplary service to the neighborhoods they serve. An important component of our company's philosophy is not just to be a physical presence, but rather an integral and vital part of the community. Our ultimate objective is to grow Fresh Pond PT into the premier physical therapy provider in New York City. We want the Fresh Pond PT brand to be the standard or the absolute best patient services available in the United States by providing patients with an exemplary and absolute physical therapy rehabilitation service that is high quality and cost-effective in a friendly and zealous atmosphere. People - our patients, partners and our employees are the heart of our business and the source of our strength. Involvement and teamwork are fundamental principle we value. Service - to be competitive, our services must be of the highest quality. We constantly strive to increase our knowledge and to improve the quality of the service that we provide. Our services must be valuable to our patients, employees, partners, and community. Community - dedication to the community through the provision of high quality, cost-effective, rehabilitation services individually designed to meet the varied needs of the population. Financial Responsibility - Commitment to accountability and ethical practices are central to everything we do. We believe that doing business the right way, providing cost effective treatment to our patients.

Company Core Values

Employees need leaders who are consistent and who act predictably. One way of showing consistency is to act according to our set of values. These values serve as a guide to our employees for the way they behave and make decisions. Our employees understand why it is very important to have a framework when they are making decisions that affect themselves, coworkers, and patients. F - Fun and Friendly Environment - We want to create an environment that is friendly, warm and exciting. We encourage diversity in ideas, opinions and points of view. P - Patient-Centered Care - We provide responsive, compassionate and coordinated care based on respect for patient’s preferences, values and needs. P - Professionalism - We display a strong sense of business acumen and observe proper conduct in the workplace. T - Teamwork - We value and support each individual’s talent and effort by keeping an open mind to differences, communicating and working together efficiently to meet our common goals. R - Respect - We treat each individual equally with reverence to their character, culture and ethnical diversity. We encourage people to express their opinion and ideas. O - Outstanding Service - We position for the highest level of physical therapy standards and medical care while enhancing our reputation through meeting our commitments to our employees, patients, communities, strategic partners and regulatory agencies. C - Community Involvement - We are involved in community activities in meaningful ways and committed to reflecting the diversity of each community we serve. K - Kindness - We have the passion to identify with other people’s experiences and we show empathy towards others. We regard our responsibility to our patients as paramount and we treat them with the same care as if they are members of our own families. S - Social Responsibility - We uphold moral wholeness in our undertakings in all aspects of our work and we operate towards the welfare and interests of the greater social good.

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