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Fresh Pond Physical Therapy is here to complete the evaluation you need. For professionals in Queens and Brooklyn, our licensed therapists have completed Functional Capacity Evaluations, Fit-for-Duty evaluations, Physical Capacity evaluations, and Work Capacity Assessments for a broad range of occupational roles and industries.

A proper FCE requires specialized knowledge related to the complex and dynamic interactions between the candidate, the work environment, and the work itself. Our staff of nationally-recognized PTs and DPTs use their objective findings to make an accurate assessment of every job candidate they examine.

Find a Fresh Pond PT clinic near you or get in touch with us right now to arrange an FCE or to find out more about obtaining FCEs for your employees.


A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an assessment that measures an individual’s ability to perform a particular job.

Healthcare professionals use functional capacity evaluations to assess your ability to start a new job or return to work following a significant event, like a debilitating injury or illness. To make this assessment, the FCE will measure your overall ability to complete specific daily living and work-related tasks.


  • Qualification for worker’s compensation
  • Ability to return to work
  • Qualification for Social Security Disability (SSDO)
  • Qualification for other types of disability benefits


  • Ability to carry objects
  • Stamina
  • Physical strength
  • Ability to lift objects
  • Flexibility
  • Range of motion
  • Other abilities as needed


FCE’s are an integral aspect of worker’s compensation claims. They provide the necessary objective data regarding the severity of the injury. The FCE can also be used to monitor changes in patients before and after a rehabilitation program, aid a medical team design treatment plans, and adjust rehabilitation therapy.


A Functional Capacity Evaluation is used by some companies as part of the hiring process. The FCE helps them determine if a potential employee can meet the physical requirements of the job safely. Taking this precaution prevents workplace injuries and loss of productivity. This in turn keeps insurance premiums at a minimum. An FCE is especially valuable for employment that is physically demanding, including highly repetitive tasks, strenuous low-frequency tasks.


Physical testing, medical record review, and interview are the three main parts of an FCE evaluation. Here’s what you can expect to go over during your test:

  • A comprehensive review of your situation, including a conversation about your medical and work history, job duties, and specific task-related challenges.
  • Undergo a detailed physical examination, evaluating strength, range of motion, endurance, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Perform simulated work tasks to assess your capabilities in lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, reaching, and more.
  • Get a detailed report summarizing your physical abilities, limitations, and recommendations for accommodations or additional treatment.
  • Our PTs work with healthcare providers, employers, and insurers for a comprehensive view of your situation.


In many instances, a job candidate or employee will be recommended for one of these assessment by a doctor, a physician’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner.

However, any of the following can refer you for an FCE:

  • Insurance case managers
  • Nurse case managers
  • Employers
  • Human resources personnel
  • Risk managers

Check our referring physicians page for a list of trusted FPPT-referring doctors.

Make informed decisions about rehabilitation, return-to-work plans, and necessary accommodations with the insights gained from our Functional Capacity Evaluations. Your path to improved work capability starts here. Schedule your evaluation today!

To schedule an FCE, or to learn more about getting FCEs for your workforce, find a Fresh Pond PT location near you or contact us today.

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